Nottingham Hackspace

Membership Statistics

This shows the number of current members using the space over various time periods.

Note 1: A member is classed as "using the space" if they have used their RFID card to open the front door, use an access controlled tool, use the vending machine or note acceptor.

Last Day: 14(2% of total membership)
Last Week: 64(11% of total membership)
Last Month: 151(27% of total membership)
Last Quarter: 238(42% of total membership)
Last Six Months: 350(62% of total membership)
Last Year: 384(68% of total membership)
Anytime: 531(94% of total membership)
Total Current Members: 564
Voting Members: 347(62% of total membership)


Last 7 days Last month Description
Invites Sent 4 27 People that have registered their interest in joining the space in the last week/month.
Invites Outstanding 4 8 Interests registered in the last week/month but have not yet created a HMS account.
Awaiting Payment 0 4 Members that have been through the membership sign up process in the last week/month, but payment has not yet arrived. Their interest could have been registered any time.
New Members 6 18 First payment arrived in the last week/month. Note this could be from someone that had got to previous stage at any time.